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Designed to be used on the outside of the auto, it retailed at . The Lincoln auto of Lincoln, Illinois, first appeared in February, 1906.Perhaps the backlog of orders (33,000 waiting to be filled when the factory opened) had something to do with the company's subsequent demise. The article does not indicate exactly what individuals had made it, but the vehicle is described as "just a motorized carriage [with] a simple, air-cooled 15 horsepower gasoline engine; a unique direct drive that did away with differentials, transmission, chains, and sprockets; and high wheels with solid rubber tires" (Gehlbach, p. A manufacturing plant was constructed at the corner of Limit Street and Citizens' Avenue by late 1907, but at least one vehicle was fabricated in Chicago.

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Since then, 245 projects have invested over $45 million in construction and improvements, created 1,203 jobs and helped retain 1,271 jobs.

The Enterprise Zone covers four square miles and has room to expand up to ten miles.

including the highway bridges, GM&O bridge, Madigan State Park, the old dam (with photos & Leigh's memoir of "shooting the rapids" over the old dam), & the Ernie Edwards' Pig-Hip Restaurant Museum in Broadwell A Tribute to Robert Wilson (LCHS '46): Author of Young in Illinois, Movies Editor of December Magazine, Friend and Colleague of December Press Publisher Curt Johnson, and Correspondent with William Maxwell "It [Lincoln, Illinois] has never had any sizable factories. Eleven years ago, the Lincoln/Logan County Enterprise Zone was created to provide capital investment and job creation incentives.

." William Maxwell, So Long, See You Tomorrow (1980), p. "We are dust and dreams." From "Diffugere Nives" by A. Housman (favorite poem of William Maxwell) he Lincoln/Logan County Community Profile & Membership Directory states that "Logan County communities support business and industrial development.

(Photo by Mike Hamilton and sent by Fred Blanford) Chimneys and water towers symbolized Lincoln's Industrial Age.

The following account by Fred Blanford (fred) was sent, 2-9-03, when he emailed the above photo to 160 alums of Lincoln Community High School. The skyline it shows has been altered to reflect "modern" times.

Factories are significant for the number of jobs, tax revenues generated, amount of money spent locally for vendors, amount of payroll, and types of workers -- and thus their effect on community life.

Commercial enterprises, from family farms to large factories, typically experience the same life-cycle patterns that people do: some perish before they can develop; some seem to grow with great promise but suddenly pass away; some enjoy prolonged but anonymous maturity before gradually declining; and a few prosper to distinction before outliving their time. Trucks arriving and departing at all hours of the day and night.

In August of 1929, a biplane engine failed, and Capen and Carl Schacht were "badly bruised" during an emergency landing on the Dierker farm near the Kruger Elevator.


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  2. Photos: 1 & 2) George Edward & Jennie Minerva (Milk) Conrad, early years; 3 & 4) George Edward & Jennie (Milk) Conrad, early years; 5 & 6) Jennie in wedding gown; Jennie in formal gown; 7 & 8) Grandfather Platt and his wife; 9) Possibly four generation picture, Jennie holding newly born Platt; 10-11) farm pictures possibly from Conrad or Oak Dene, Jennie’s farm. Second Annual Newton County Music Festival, Friday Evening, April 5, 1640, p.m. Brook: (1) Smallpox condition to dispense with every kind of public gathering until there is thorough fumigation. Jenkins at Schneider superintending construction of Lake/Newton county bridge. Lyons finished packing his goods and left for new home at Ligonier. Ayr and Rensselaer completed, making continuous route from Morocco to Rensselaer and points beyond. Area Boasted as Popular Resort Town, reprinted from “Our Hoosier Heritage, 1988.

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