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Well, he actually did, but in a misguided effort to protect the craft, he instead has become a cyberbully.Instead of accepting another Masonic viewpoint, he actually goes out of his way to discredit the brother (or sister if a Co-Mason or a woman only Mason); this is an act unbecoming a Mason who desires a high moral character.Basically, what they are saying is, like a naive high school freshman, “our team is better than your team,” which is another ingenuous behavior.

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Pike mentioned this problem when he asked why we still retain some Masons who excite rivalries and jealousies: “Your debates should be but friendly conversations. Why then do you retain among you men who excite rivalries and jealousies; why permit great and violent controversy and ambitious pretensions? Again, I have to ask, did they not learn anything from their Masonic lessons?

Pike wrote about the problems of politics and religion: “, 1871, p 35).

A good man will find that there is goodness in the world; an honest man will find that there is honesty in the world; and a man of principle will find principle and integrity in the minds of others” (Albert Pike, , 1871, p. By doing so, all you do is create enemies, and tarnish your own soul in the process.

When a Mason attacks other organizations as being illegitimate, he only succeeds in demonstrating his own ignorance about the lessons within Masonry.

I am often puzzled by the Mason who travels the internet looking for weaker prey, or who is looking to pick an online fight with another Mason.

Did he (or she) not learn anything from his Masonic lessons?

On several occasions, I have witnessed a negative statement made by a Mason go unchallenged, with no likes or comments, which told me that others did not enjoy what had been written online.

I personally think this is the best way of stating your displeasure online.

if we can conceive of a loftier, nobler, higher, more beneficent, glorious, and magnificent character, then this latter is to us the true conception of Deity; for nothing can be imagined more excellent than He, 1871, p. Ever wonder why this world has so many different religions?

It’s simple, as Pike wrote above, “because one man cannot communicate to another his own conception of Deity.” Is it any wonder than why we also have so many different orders within the broader craft.

Therefore, making a public spectacle online, in the end, does nothing to really change another Mason’s mind. I now take several hours to reflect, and sometimes I take a day or two, before responding. There is no Power or Virtue in the marks I write, but only in the Thought which they tell to others. Many times, I have to remind myself about what Pike wrote of men who appear to be virtuous, who quote good words only to glaze over their bad deeds. The cyberbullying Mason has a group of followers, which he uses to discredit other Masonic viewpoints.

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