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Men's commitment issues are related to hyperactivity.A man meets a woman and is stimulated by the newness.

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Dating is supposed to come naturally, but for whom?

The truth is that most people don’t do it well, or they think they do, but their track record says otherwise.

Their ADHD becomes so powerful that some men can't even look at their wives at the dinner table." "ADHD drugs only work short-term for children and after one year need to be doubled to remain effective.

This is also true for adult drugs and the phenomenon is called brain habituation, which means the brain no longer responds to dopamine stimulators.

John was clear, "I completely agree with you, and women feel exactly the same about how they're treated when they share their feelings with a man.

To me, women are much more vulnerable than men are but may not show it even though they want men to be.An example is a child who can't listen to his mother but will be completely enthralled if you put him in front of a computer." Relationships and Heroin?"A new relationship with a woman is like your brain on heroin."It's rampant and the reason is that we're living in a hyper world.Hyper stimulation comes in and we enjoy it, but our ability to enjoy normal stimulation decreases. An example is when I look at my emails and get good news, then the brain keeps going back looking for more good news.But his work regarding ADHD and boomer relationship commitment, the topic of his new book, "Staying Focused In A Hyper World," is fascinating and fresh and are the primary focus of this article. The real number is greater but many parents just don't want to believe it. In addition one out of four women in America is on an antidepressant.

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