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These include muffins and breakfast cheesecake slices!

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For starters, there’s hot soup and freshly baked rolls, along with a bevy of salads.

These include a blue cheese and pear salad, a crab salad, a Waldorf salad and so much more.

So, in the spirit of giving you the lowdown on lekker local hotspots that are wallet and portion-friendly, we’ve scoured the city for the ‘best of the buffet’.

Whether you’re in search of a hot and spicy Indian curry, a seafood selection, a healthy breakfast smorgasbord or an out-of-this-world African dining experience, we’ve got something for you!

Both Friday and Saturday night’s buffets cost R425/p while the Sunday Lunch Buffet is R395/p. Expect anything and everything, from fruit salad, muesli and yogurt, to an array of cereals and breads, including freshly baked croissants breadsticks and pretzels.

A selection of cheese is on offer too, from sliced cheddar to blue cheese, goats milk cheese and everything in between.

And just when you think you’re all filled up, Chef Calvin introduces you to his famous flapjacks, served with maple syrup and strawberries.

Keep an eye out for the dessert options, which changes regularly.

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