Romanian views on dating

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The situation has provoked anger among some British vendors, and tensions have boiled over into confrontation.

In 2007, a row over territory led to Romanian thugs threatening to kill a seller of the Big Issue Scotland in Kilmarnock.

William Richardson, 43, who is homeless and sells the Big Issue in the North in Manchester, said he had seen the problem worsen.

“In the last couple of years the number of Romanians selling the magazine seems to have doubled.

It also grants “dependent” family members the right to work legally in the UK – a right to which Romanian immigrants would not otherwise be entitled.

In April last year Mr Oprea was joined in Britain by his sister, Catalina, 26, and her six-year-old son, Valentin.

Mr and Mrs Codrianu are now selling the Big Issue and have applied for benefits.

If they are successful, the entire household is expected to receive just over £200 a week in child benefit and child tax credit – around £10,500 a year.

Friends already living in Manchester told them that if they went on to the streets selling the Big Issue in the North magazine, which is intended to provide income for homeless people, then they would gain the right to claim state benefits.


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