Accommodating children special dietary needs

His documented disability is aspergers syndrome and he has a documented delay in processing.

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My child has been very very successful when given accommodations of both ET and Paper Pencil based tests.

Can anyone tell me if I have any recourse for this action?

One potential reason I can think of is the use of that accommodation on statewide standardized testing.

For a student to receive a particular accommodation on statewide testing, he should routinely be using that same accommodation during in-class testing.

You could make a complaint to the state education agency or request mediation.

Contact your state parent training & information center. JG: Emily, Did the Team explain why the accommodation was no longer valid?

I am an educator and accommodate students daily, did I miss something?

Chuck: Emily, are they saying that the accommodation is not valid for state testing, instruction or both?

Accommodations: OHI-SPED Gina: My daughter is currently under the 504 plan for OHI however we are needing a bit more help other than the current accommodations. JG: Gina – If you think the 504 plan is not meeting her needs but *could* be revised to meet her needs, you can ask the school to do so.

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