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Additionally, the bot will go through buildup and breakdown phases which greatly increases the chances to score. Buildup Limit - The height of the board that will trigger the bot to go into the Breakdown phase and decrease its height.

The algorithm used is mainly based on El-Tetris but implemented in java. ##Instructions Marathon Mode: Reduce the number of buildup limit and breakdown limit ex: 5/0 ##Options Key Delay - This is the time delay before the key/move is sent to the focused window. Breakdown Limit - The height of the board that will trigger the bot to go into the Buildup phase and increase its height while maintaining the tower gap.

The HTML log module writes a chat room log to an file.

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Full list of bot commands The Greeter module sends greeting messages when a user joins a chat room.

All users are divided into several groups by sex and role.

There are several modules that come with the Camfrog Bot installation pack.

The bad words kicker module allows you to kick users from a room for bad words automatically.

If the given quantity of matches is found, the bot performs the action you have set, for example, kicking the user from the room or banning them. If regular expressions are off, then the bot will try to find words that match the list of words you give it (case sensitive). You can translate them to your native language value1=%1% you are using a forbidden word %2% time(s), %3% time(s) left value2=%1% you are using a forbidden word '%2%' %3% time(s), %4% time(s) left Note.

If regular expressions are turned on, the chat room text will be checked for matching by mask. The bad Word Kicker can punish or kick users from a room. Value1 warning is shown to the user if regular expressions are on.

Please keep in mind that these files should be saved in the UTF-8 encoding. Correct answer was %1% value9=Math Trivia game is disabled.

Full list of bot commands The HTML Log module writes down all room events such as user chat, log in and log out notifications, administrative actions, and more. value4=Top 10 list: value5=Correct answer is %1%, answered by %2%, total %3% points value6=%1% seconds remaining... value10=[list empty] Notes Value3: %1% - user nickname; Value5: %1% -correct answer; %2% - user nickname; %3% - user points; Value6: %1% - time left; Value8: %1% - correct answer; Value10: This message stands for the private message when the top 10 leaders list is empty.

The "Who banned" module helps you to operate your room. %1% - 8 Ball name, which can be specified in the plug-in settings.


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