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Very unfortuneate and i hope one day you will find shannon. I told my older sister about Barney and she said to listen to this song and wow it explained in words what I was [email protected] 1976 when this song came out I was 11 years old and my brother Andy was 10 and my brother Shannon was 2.Ron and I grew up loving this song because it stood out, and it was rarely heard after like 1980 which makes it nice so it isnt burned out like other songs. One day our alcoholic mother was just going a few blocks down the street to the liquor store and she never came back.

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By the way yall, the Casey Kasem blowing up is on you tube. She had met a truck driver there at the liquor store and left with him to go to Texas and she never cam back.

Just a few days later the state social worker people came and they took our little brother Shannon away and we would never see him again.

Keith is active serving faithfully at his church and in his community serving as Board of Director for his Homeowners Association.

Adams holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Shepherd University, where he majored in Marketing and received his Master of Science (MS) degree from the University of Maryland.

He had three other Top 100 records and they also charted in 1976; "One More Tomorrow" (at #93), "Springtime Mama" (at #37), and "Someday (I Didn't Want to Have to Be the One)" (at #85)... Gross celebrated his 63rd birthday three months ago on April 1st, 2014. Doesn't appear to get much if any air time on the Oldies station and that's to bad as it is a great song. Everytime I heard this song back then I was always puzzled why I burst into tears.

Although it has no special meaning, as some have stated, I love to listen to good music and this song definitely is good. Now I have discovered this song again on this site, you can imagine what is happenng to me now. It has meaning to me and in my case this has nothing to do with dogs but a real person.Then back to reality "Mama tried hard to pretend....", then back to escapism.This song was written from the perspective of a child and the content does not reflect how an adult would mourn the death of a pet with his Mama.I remember listening to it somewhere on TV and it was HYSTERICAL!He (Kasem) was really pissed off and with all of the "bleeping" it really made it funny!On July 23rd 1976, Henry Gross performed "Shannon" on the NBC-TV program 'The Midnight Special'...

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