Problems updating adobe flash player

Hello, i have been trying to install adobe flash player for sometime now and everytime I get the same result. I tried finding Acrobat Adobe, I think but couldn't find it. Go here to download the latest version of Adobe flash player: Good Luck!it starts to download and then says I must close firefox, I do and retry and the same thing. Adobe was working 3 weeks ago, but now it won't load too tell me it was successfully downloaded, so when I try going to limewire, or youtube I can't watch any videos without it saying Java Script is currently turned off, try turning it back on or download the new adobe flash player x 10. I had the same problem after the last Firefox update.

Problems updating adobe flash player

The first three machines I tried this on resulted in three different outcomes, and the software was not removed on any of the machines.

Instead, Adobe has an uninstaller for the Flash player.

Download and run install_flash_player_10_active_from Adobe Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash (may be a different path if you're on the 64-bit version) Right-click Flash Util10(you might have a different version), click the Compatibility tab and select "Run as Administrator." Click OK and run the program. The difference must have been the first step - resetting IE.

The Adobe Flash plugin lets you hear and see Flash audio and video content on Chrome on your computer.

Select Internet Explorer if you view youtube or the like and it will A. Hello guys, I have found a fix that works for Google Chrome and Fire Fox. Go here - Just copy and paste it to your Internet Explorer browser. Then circle the "Flash Player 10 for Windows - Other Broswers". Hopefully when you go into Google Chrome or Firefox this works for you, thank you for reading. Which is why the install fails because it cant overwrite the key. Select either the everyone logon or domain users if you are on a network and give them full permisions.

First uninstall Flash Player, go to "Start", "Control Panel", "Add or Remove Programs", then finally remove Adobe Flash Player 10. Click advanced select the box for replace permission entries and apply. Press F3 to search again and repeat the above for the second key found. how are you able to successfully work the flash player on a MAC computer??It would say it installed successfully, but still wouldn't run. Install the Adobe, if u di not have adobe version, u can download it from it works for u too... All I did was uninstall firefox, than opened up IE and downloaded adobe flash player 10 (for IE). Then I renistalled firefox, didn't need to download flash player again. When I'd visit the Adobe's web site it would say I still needed to install Flash. Best of Luck I WILL TRY TO HELP YOU BECAUSE I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM, BUT WHEN I READ THREAD I DIDNT FIND ANY ANSWER SO WHAT I DID. ((((((((( COPY PASTE THAT AND THEN SCROLL DOWN TO NUMBER 5. Download the executable Flash Player installer: * Flash_Player_10_Active X (Internet Explorer for Windows only) * Flash_Player_10_Plugin (All other Windows browsers) I CHOSED THIS I was having the same problem, kept trying to download/install it with firefox but it always failed. please help.i've even tried changing the security settings and nothing. After hours of uninstalling and reinstalling, I decided to try worked like a charm :) 1) Close all browsers 2) Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash 3) Copy "NPSWF32.dll" 4) Go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins 5) Paste "NPSWF32.dll" 6) Restart browser go to and choose the other versions VISTA/XP option, Firefox will be listed as well, and download that version of Adobe Flash'll have to do it from Explorer though, with Firefox closed. I have been looking for a way to install Adobe Flash player with Fire Fox and nothing would work... I stumbled up on this website and tryed what other people on here said to do but that wasnt working either.. I opened youtube and when I am trying to open a video it shows 'get latest flash player'.im using mozilla and vista If you have a PC and are using Firefox, Installing Adobe Flash Player goes as follows. Until I Scrolled all the way to the bottom and found your msg you left, And that seems to work fine for me... I clicked on it and from adobe webpage I downloaded the file 'install_flash_player'. But when I tried to run it after some progress is opened a dialogue box written " Error opening file for writing C;\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\flash\NPSWF32Click Abort to stop installation Retry to try again later, or Ignore to skip this file." What should I do now. Did you solve your problem of Adobe Flash player installation because I am also facing similar problem form 1 week trying to get solution if u have any solution please send me..Kept coming up with a message Adobe Flash needs to run at 32bit and I was running on 64bit, I have windows 7.

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