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But he meets a new employee and doesn't understand why he can't fire this person.

But his assistant and chauffeur aim to help him win her heart within the target time frame. His vulnerability in the face of a first "difficult" love is a lot of fun. This is gonna be a sort of pygmalion story, and I'm guessing both main characters will need to change.

And Arashi was enlisted as FIRST in WORLDWIDE BEST-SELLING ALBUMS by Global Album Chart back in November 15, 2106 for their first week ‘Are You Happy? Aside their achievement in best selling albums and singles almost every release, Ohno Satoshi marked his own record as the only member to release a solo single back in 2009 – entitled “Kumurinochi Kaisei”.

He had held his own solo concert, “3104 yen” back in 2006 and held a private art exhibition, “Freestyle” twice.

Because whatever he did, women would give in to his advances because of his status.

All this to say that I really hoped he would spend some time alone and then end up earning Maiko's respect, and eventually marrying her. You will feel annoyed with the leads, but also laughing because of the ridiculous circumstances..

Reiji (Satoshi Ono) is young CEO of a first-class hotel. Even though he has a good appearance and wealth, women eventually leave him because of his personality.

He is generous with himself, but strict with others. 6/10 - I love Oh-chan and I thought he's a fantastic actor but this drama is just mediocre at best.

Those who only wanted to be with him because of his money and success (and perfect tan).

Which is why he took her for granted that night when he gave her the hotel room key and casually suggested she start by taking a shower.

However, Ohno Saoshi is well-known as LEADER of Japanese top boy-band, ARASHI. Aside Ohno Satoshi, the members consist of Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, Sakurai Sho and Matsumoto Jun.

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