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I really enjoy coming here when my boss is out its nice to break free and talk to every one I can run though the room as I please and there is so many people I can chat with is fun, crazy and some time wild, I enjoy 20 something as well and broken hearts I love the fact that there's no fears stress or any thing that can be a pain. Ive Been Comin to these chat rooms 4 a wile now n itz neva da same. Itz like your jus chillin with your homies at the house.

teen chat iz whats up I've been using Teen chat for years!

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Its always fun to talk to different people and play different roles in the Cell... I also like going on Goth chat and the other role play rooms. I've been on a lot of chat sites but I've never met ppl as nice and understanding as I have on this site...

I've been on plenty of chat sites but this is the best one... It's really cool and I spend hours on it haha!!

Anyways I mainly stay in the Cell known as Vampire Rose... Teen chat is the most incredible free chat room on the web!

Recently, me and my boyfriend Derek broke up, so I'm looking for a new guy!

I cant wait to go on every time I am on the Internet I cant wait to meet new people it is so easy and fun I love it!! I've been coming to these chat rooms for three years. The people here are funny and cool, also enjoyable.

It has a lot of great people and the chat rooms are totally free. There are so many people worth meeting on here that I think everyone should get a chance to come on here and talk, then they can meet ME! =DI really enjoy being on these chat rooms and meeting cool lads and lassies from all over the world.

I've been on a lot of chat sites but I've never met ppl as nice and understanding as I have on this site...

I've been here for close to seven years now and have met and lost quite a few friends. I've seen this site go through plenty of change over the years, it's looking great.

I just love being able to chat to people all over the world about anything and everything.


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