Young flashers on cam

Facebook user Memphis Raynes wrote: "The light was in her favor!

The camera also has night vision, which activates automatically when dark (the Cloud Cam has an ambient light sensor).

Night-vision recordings looked bright and crisp, which is valuable when browsing clips to see exactly what triggered the motion-detection.

It has 1080p resolution and a wide 120-degree field of view.

My apartment is small, so this was more than enough to capture both my living room and my kitchen.

That motion sensor also happens to be one of the main features of the Cloud Cam.

Essentially, whenever the camera detects motion, it'll start recording a video and send you a push notification.

In the 12-second clip, which was submitted by an anonymous reader and posted on Thursday, the driver makes a right turn at a traffic junction and hits the woman, who is crossing the road as the green man is flashing.

The woman, who is looking at her phone, flies off the hood of the cab on impact and rolls onto the road.

From there, I entered my Wi Fi and Amazon credentials -- for access to videos and linking with other Amazon services -- and it was up and working.

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