datingrtf ru - Dating a meat eater

His friends think they’re totally free to tease you, roast you, and make assumptions about you.

You have to pretend to be okay with it so you don’t come off as high-maintenance, but it actually really bothers you.

He can’t just book you surprise plane tickets because you’d have to make sure the hotel has vegan options, that the airline has vegan options, and that you’ll generally be able to eat wherever you go. You’re pretty good at this actually, but you can see that even the best vegan meal won’t make him forget about meat.

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and I know my boyfriend wouldn't exactly be thrilled if I picked a vegan restaurant. It turns out, pastas are pretty much the only guaranteed vegetarian dishes at most restaurants.

If your family eats a lot of meat like you do, it's likely they won't really know how to prepare vegetarian dishes.

Or they might ask your SO strange questions about his or her lifestyle.

Or maybe, they just won't understand WHY you would date a vegetarian. Some people are vegetarian for health, religious, or cultural reasons.

So, you might always worry you're offending the person you're dating because you're pretty clueless about his or her beliefs. It doesn't matter, and you can just share some wine instead...

That was what I got from a guy, I met not so long ago at one of New York’s weekly meet ups for vegans, when I asked him curiously, if he would ever date a meat-eater.

His friends and family often remind him that you should bring your own food to the bbq because they’re making meat.

You partially appreciate that they remembered, and are partially offended that they can’t just pick up a little tofu.

When people say that veganism is a lifestyle, they aren’t joking.


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