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The world famous gallery Centre Pompidou has come to Malaga.Without doubt the Pompidou art center in Paris is one of the greatest homes of twentieth century art.

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Erpenbeck’s metaphysical fictions are strange and beautiful, stern and compelling.

This devastating work is as light as a dream and as unrelenting as real life.

In case Unicaja, currently undergoing a rigorous process of financial cutbacks, decides not to partake in the cultural scheme, the mayor claims to have a Plan B.

The End of Days By Jenny Erpenbeck, translated by Susan Bernofsky (Portobello) What if a life unlived was lived, differently, several times?

All for Nothing By Walter Kempowski, translated by Anthea Bell (Granta) Behind the walls of an East Prussian manor house, the no longer wealthy if still privileged von Globig carry on much as before, while everywhere else thousands of Germans flee the advancing Russians.

Kempowski, who was also an historian, spent his life in the shadow of Günter Grass.This figure, according to De la Torre, is “acceptable even during an economic crisis”.Centre Pompidou Málaga Please use this bank acount and submit file name: Banco Popular Espanol IBAN: ES84 0075 0646 1606 7020 4100 attn: Paul Weijenberg photo file name: " data-medium-file="https://i1com/ fit=640,360" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-540" src="https://i2com/ resize=640,360" alt="Pompidou-Malaga-March-2015-08" width="640" height="360" data-recalc-dims="1" / The selection will fill 6,000 square metres and is going to be made over a three month period under the supervision of Jose María Luna, the director of the ‘Fundación Picasso-Museo Casa Natal (the Picasso Foundation and birthplace museum) as well as a curator from the Pompidou Centre in Paris.Sustained by a chilling grace, it recasts the agonies of 20th-century history.No reader can feel untouched by Erpenbeck’s inspired, and inspiring, vision.has pathos, irony, moments of genius and unforgettable characters including Peter, a young boy and a detached witness to much horror.


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  6. Includes statement of affairs of Ferridays & Co., New Orleans, bound volume,accounts of Hunt & Smith (1805 – 1807), notice of public slave sale (in Mississippi). 1877Includes material re negotiations for a loan to the Confederacy to be made by a French banker;1867-8 state constitutional convention; 1876 gubernatorial election; passenger list of “S. Kenner aboard, traveling under assumed name); Duncan’s Oath9of Allegiance and Amnesty. Collection has been arranged (by accession number) and photostatic copies of images arrangedby date of publication for use of researcher. #’s: 022 – 3000T005.2003, T006.2003, T008.2003, T010.2003, T011,2003, T012.2003, T013.2003, T014.2003. ft; oversize box; 8 folders o/s storage See also oversize record group storage boxes for accession #’s 148, 2637, 2655, 2803, 2824 -25)Very eclectic collection. Washington letter, Charity Hospital expenses(1821), draft of Louisiana petition to Congress for statehood, W. C Claiborne circular (Mar1814), botanic scrapbook, Library Society subscription (1808), documents pertaining to slavery,letter to Edward Livingston, Globe Ball room lease (1855), two Civil War soldiers letters, General order re plantation regulations (1865), poem written by Fr. The1885 city directory lists Verges’ address at 188 Royal street.**************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 27W. Other correspondents: Benjamin Palmer, Jefferson Davis, other members of Campbell’s family.****************************************************************RECORD GROUP 29CHARITY HOSPITAL PAPERSAcc. ft Records of the Treasurer’s office of Charity Hospital, New Orleans: administrative files andcorrespondence dealing primarily with historical revenues, supplies, buildings. Many circular letters, information about available vacant lands in Louisiana and thepotential development of same, letters written to and from Denechaud in his official capacity reagricultural conditions, potential agricultural industries such as bee farms, cattle raising, timber, the Negro State Fair [1913], rice, etc.*****************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 34NATHANIEL COX PAPERS15(George Smith collection)Acc.# 9334b.10.1-71802 – 1809Letters written between Nathaniel Cox and Gabriel Lewis. re social, political and economic conditions in New Orleans. Includes various warrants, travel expenses,room rent for judges chambers, fall term, 1830.*******************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 36JAMES CURRELL PAPERS(Mrs. Includes document permitting passage through Federal lines; Currell’sletterbook re the exchange of prisoners (May 21, 1864 – April 27, 1865; 76 pages; poor condition).14 items.******************************************************************************RECORD GROUP 37CENAS FAMILY PAPERSAcc. ft; 1 oversize box; 1 folder o/s storage Collection of letters, papers, memorabilia of Hilary B. Documents nineteenthcentury education, travel, travel routes (especially over water), economy, politics, slavery,construction costs and supplies, medicine, mourning customs, hurricanes, yellow fever, cholera, Jenny Lind, Oakley plantation, railroads, Lafayette’s visit to the United States 1824-25,antebellum banking problems in New Orleans, 1844 presidential election, dueling, gambling, St.

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