Accommodating a student with disability

As part of University Life’s commitment to recognizing and honoring the richness of diversity at George Mason University, Disability Services staff members actively participate in the campus-wide diversity dialogue.

The office welcomes and encourages all students with disabilities, whether registered with Disability Services or not, to identify themselves as members of the disability community and to engage in the diversity dialogue on campus by getting involved with Disability Services and other multicultural programs and activities.

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provides individual and group counseling, workshops, and community education programs designed to enhance students’ personal experience and academic performance. Crisis-related resources are also available on CAPS homepage.

offers students one-on-one support, interactive programming, and on- and off-campus resources related to healthy relationships, stress management, nutrition, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking, drug and alcohol use and sexual health.

We want to ensure that your accommodation is complementary to your studies.

Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington all have a variety of on-campus accommodation options, including Halls of Residence, Apartments, Studio Units and Homestays.

We also have experienced staff who can help you to find the right accommodation.

Accommodation staff on our three campuses provide advice on everything from choosing Halls of Residence, information on private accommodation options, advice on signing tenancy agreements, dispute resolution, and budget management.

Information regarding the various services offered by SAS.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Student Accessibility Services or have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

Empower students to fully participate in the university community.

Our As part of George Mason University’s continuing commitment to upholding the letter and spirit of the laws that ensure equal treatment of people with disabilities, the university established and maintains Disability Services.

Under the administration of University Life, the center implements and coordinates reasonable accommodations and disability-related services that afford equal access to university programs and activities.


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