Despite this minor issue, if you have been looking for a private chat tool, Chatzy is worth a try.

Die besten Alternativen zu Chatzy in 2018 findest du bei

Talos for Discord is hosted and run through google cloud, with a consistent 99.9% uptime.


Both can be created for free and without creating an account with Chatzy (though you will need to enter an email to create a Virtual Room).

If you opt to pay for a subscription, you can access additional features for both of these options.

First, a warning: Chatzy To S states: "User scripts designed specifically to modify the behavior of Chatzy are not permitted." Before you try running this bot yourself, make sure that you have received permission from Chatzy to do so on the room that you plan to run it in, as the developers of this bot are not responsible for any actions of Chatzy in response to your use.

Many tools exist to facilitate online conversations, from those that streamline Twitter chats to those that focus on creating event backchannels.

One draw back of free accounts is that your chat may include ads, though, as I mentioned above, I didn’t see any when I was testing the tool.

This might be a problem for some educational settings though, so it would be worth doing your own testing if this is a concern or paying for a subscription.

A Premium User subscription requires an account and gives you access to private messages, unlimited rooms, and no ads (though in my use of the free version I have yet to encounter any ads).

A Premium Room subscription is tied to a single Virtual Room and gives the administrator of the room greater control, the ability to invite an unlimited number of participants, and private messages for any of the users, among other features.

Weiterhin sind von diesen 17 Alternativen 14 noch verfügbar und 3 aktuell offline oder dauerhaft eingestellt.

Solltest du weitere Alternativen finden, die nicht mehr verfügbar sind, kannst du uns dies einfach mitteilen und dabei helfen, die Suchergebnisse für alle Besucher zu verbessern.

Wir haben insgesamt 17 Alternativen zu Chatzy gesammelt, welche nach Plattform, Lizenzmodell und Verfügbarkeit gefiltert werden können.


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