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Results show that out of three Egyptian triad M78, M35 and M2, Y-chromosome M78 has the absent in North Africa’s lower Egypt at 1.2% and grows to a higher frequency traveling south-bound towards Upper Egypt and Nile valley’s Nubia. P.) This would also give the plausible assignment of the Nubian-M2 and the Ethiopian PN2 (35,000 B.

Blair Underwood – is a descendant of the Babungo people of Cameroon. Marcus Garvey – Maternal Dna traces back to Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, and Senegal his Paternal DNA traces to Iberia (Spain & Portugal). Keita-Boyce Study on Y-chromosomes of Egypt (IV) E-M2 is diversified with (1.2%)–Lower Egypt, (27.3%) –Upper Egypt. Y-chromosome (XI) E-M35 is diversified with (11.7%)–Lower Egypt, (28.8%) – Upper Egypt. Y-chromosome (V) E-M78 is diversified with (51.9%)– Lower Egypt, (24.2%) – Upper Egypt. (Whi of the ‘‘Broad’’ trend physiognomy, but found also in notable frequencies in Nubia and Upper Egypt, as indicated by the RFLP Taq I 49a, f variant IV (see Lucotte and Mercier, 2003; Al-Zahery et al.

– Maternal DNA traces back to Mende from Sierra Leon his paternal is from Ireland. DC1/Cerezo_GR_2011_L Europe_manuscript_Supplemental_Data_S2_final_ cc=y mt DNA Haplogroup L 72.5% diversity in Sudan (East Africa) Mitochondrial DNA and Study of Human Evolution National Geographic Magazine -Ancient Egyptian Origins Investigation in the mtdna genetic structure of Barbadians Haplogroup L … Below is a display of the most prevalent among Egyptian Males..

L2a1c3- has (ISRAEL), (SPAIN), (GUINEA BISSAU) Origins **EXCERPT FROM GENETIC STUDY 2012.** A large proportion (65%) of the African-European mt DNAs investigated could be attributed to modern and well-documented demographic routes that existed during the Romanization period, the Arab conquest, and the trans-Atlantic slave trade. John Legend’s mt Dna belongs to the Mende from Sierra Leone and his Y-Dna belongs to the Fula of Guinea Bissau.. Wanda Sykes from the hit show Curb Your Enthusiasm belongs to the Tikar and Fulani from Cameroon. They amplified 16 Y-chromosomal, short tandem repeats (Amp F\STR yfiler PCR amplification kit; Applied Biosystems).

L2a1c- has (CHAD), (GABON), (SPAIN), (USA) Origins 23. L2a1c2- has (BURKINA FASO), (DOMINICAN) Origins 25. Williams who played Omar from the Wire maternal ancestry is Mende from Sierra Leone. Quest Love from the Roots is Mende from Sierra Leone. Black Thought from the Roots maternal ancestry goes back to Senegal with the Mandinka. An ancient Egyptian Prince of the 20th dynasty, and son of Pharaoh Ramesses III and a secondary wife, Tiye.

Posted in afri asiatic, Dna Bill S.1858 ( Biometrics), National DNA Database in the U. A, Nubians with tags A-Group Nubians, afri asiatic, Africa, Afro Arab, Amhara Ethiopians, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Nile Valley Civilization, B-Group Nubians, Declaration on the rights of indigenous people, DNA, DNA bill S.1858, Ethiopian mtdna, hamito semetic, Nile Valley, Nubian Maternal CLan DNA, Soveriegnity, State-lessness on April 27, 2009 by Biléh* Gambéla በላይ ። ጋምበላ🇺🇸🇸🇩🇨🇻 S.1858 which allows the federal government to screen the DNA of all newborn babies in the U. This was to be implemented within 6 months meaning that this collection is now being carried out.

Congressman Ron Paul states that this bill is the first step towards the establishment of a National DNA Database.

Posted in afri asiatic, Afro Arabs, afro asiatic, anthrolpology, DNA, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nile Valley/Nubia, Nomadic, North Africa, Nubians, Sahara with tags 16086C 16223T 16278T 16294T 16309G 16368C, 16223T 16278T 16294T 16309G 16390, afri asiatic, afro asiatic, Anthro'pologite, Anthropology, Aswan, በላይ ጋምበላ, ቢለህ ጋምበላ, Belay, Belay Gambela, Belay Gamble, Bileh, Bileh Gambela, Bileh Gamble, Billy Gamb, Billy Gambela, Billy H Gamble, Cushite, Cushitic, DNA, DNA of Moors, Egypt, Egypt mtdna L2a1, Egyptian American, Egyptian Haplogroup, Ethiopian Nubian Egyptian Americann, Hamite, Haplogroup L2a1e (Native American), Indigenous American Kushite, Kushite, Kushitic, L2a1, L2a1c1, L2a1e USA Origin, Moorish American, Moors in America, mtdna, Mtdna Migration, Nubia, Nubian, Nubian Egyptian American, Nubian-Native American, Only 40% African Americans match Africans in Africa on April 30, 2009 by Biléh* Gambéla በላይ ። ጋምበላ🇺🇸🇸🇩🇨🇻 (Note: mt Dna results above from Genographic is HVR1 sequence only. L2a1m- has (OMAN), (YEMEN), (ARABIA), (ISRAEL) Origins 12. L2a1a2a1- has (SOUTH AFRICA), (TUNISIA), (EGYPT), (USA) Origins 16. Attention should also be brought to the L2a1 clads above who also have an Indigenous North American Origin i.e.. The Y-chromosomal Haplogroups of Ramesses III and unknown man E was screened using the Whit Athey’s Haplogroup Predictor we determined the Y-chromosomal Haplogroup E1b1a.

Definitive results are acquired from FGS (full genome sequence) Test. (Indigenous Native American) (USA Origins), although they carry an African Haplogroup. Mae Jemison L1a listed as West Africa via African Ancestry… Tina Tuner Haplogroup L2a Guinea Bissau, Cameroon, Niger, South Sudan, Kenya. Africa News – Exclusive: Isaiah Washington mtdna on Dual citizenship – Sierra Leone 9. Chris Tucker- Y-Dna is E3b Mbundu from Angola and his Mtdna is L1c* Bamileke of Cameroon 11. The testing of polymorphic autosomal micro satellite loci provided similar results in at least one allele of each marker (table 2⇓).

Coding Regions and Haplogroups from Full Genome Sequence TEST: 1. L2a1i-15229 has (GUINEA-BISSAU), (WEST AFRICAN), and (USA) Origins. L2a1a2- has (PAKISTAN) (ITALY), (MOZAMBIQUE), (YEMEN), (USA) Origins 6. Some of these particular Haplotypes have an African and or American Origin, but as a Haplogroup remains to be 100% African. North African, East African, South African, West African). OFFICE OF MANGEMENT AND BUDGET: Federal Register Notice on Oct.30, 1997 Revisions to the standard for the Classification of Federal Data On Race and Ethnicity Copy and paste link into your web browser to view site: artid=1182266 (copy and paste, if link above is inactive)..

L2a1c4a- has (TUNISIA), (BURKINA FASO), (USA) Origins 15. However, there is strong evidence pointing to the fact that the remaining 35% of the African L-European mt DNAs stand as modern witnesses of sporadic population movements occurring between the two continents that might have begun as early as 11,000 yr ago (Fig. These contacts were not only restricted to North Africa, but connected Sub- Saharan regions to Europe directly via coastal routes or first crossing North African territories toward the Mediterranean Sea. Jakes – are mt Dna L1c and Y-chromo E3b Nigerian (Igbo-people) 16. Eight polymorphic microsatellites of the nuclear genome were also amplified (Identifiler and Amp F\STR Minifiler kits; Applied Biosystems).

Madame Speaker, the federal government lacks both the constitutional authority and the competence to develop a newborn screening program adequate for a nation as large and diverse as the United States. , Indigenous American, Indigenous people, Jus Soli and Jus Sanguinis, Native American, Nubians, O-positive blood with tags afri asiatic, Afro Portuguese, Amhara Ethiopians, Ancient Egypt, Declaration on the rights of indigenous people, Diaspora, DNA, Dna Origin Nationality, Egypt mtdna L2a1, Egyptians, Eritrea, Eritrean, hamito semetic, Haplogroup L2a1e (Native American), Indigenous Nubians, mtdna, Mulatto American, Nationality, Native American, Nile Valley civilization, Nile Valley mt Dna, Nubia, Refugees/Stateless ness, Sahara, Somali, Somalian, Somalis, Soveriegn, Soveriegnity, State-lessness on April 26, 2009 by Biléh* Gambéla በላይ ። ጋምበላ🇺🇸🇸🇩🇨🇻 The U. 1961 Convention on the Reduction of State-less-ness..


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