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An exploratory factor analysis, using a parallel analysis approach, uncovered six motivations to use Tinder: Love, Casual Sex, Ease of Communication, Self-Worth Validation, Thrill of Excitement, and Trendiness.

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International campaign for the defense of Women's Right in Iran (ICDWRI)-Deals with the situation of women in Iran. International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada-Group seeks end to the Ontario Arbitration Act 1991 which allows family disputes be resolved by religious arbitrators.

The study was conducted among Dutch 18–30 year old emerging adults who completed an online survey.

Over half of the sample were current or former Tinder users ( = 163).

Although the smartphone application Tinder is increasingly popular among emerging adults, no empirical study has yet investigated why emerging adults use Tinder.

Therefore, we aimed to identify the primary motivations of emerging adults to use Tinder.It is likely this performer, who is well-liked among both male and female audiences, got his stage name from his hometown of London, England.Not only is he a photogenic performer with a well-crafted physique, he is also a producer and writer. Superheroes, assassins, and Jaegers await you in our Winter Movie Guide.If you have a credit card (VISA, Discover, JCB) or if you can pay by online check (only US customers), you can use our traditional safe and secure payment provider!You will provide credit card and personal information only to CCBill's secure site.Homa Darabi Foundation (Archive)-A nonprofit women's right organization.


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  2. It’s easy to fall in love with a person, who takes the high road, who’s willing to help others and aspires to save lives.

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  4. The emotional side is finding that you have a lot in common, that your views of the world are the same, that you share a sense of humor or like the same music.

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