Sybil summers and richie whitt dating

Then when I said regardless of the reason, I felt 1053 had done wrong in how they handled people I considered to be friends, she dropped the bomb: “You need to re-think who you consider as friends – They never supported you.” It was the biggest steaming load of bull honkey anyone had ever tried to force feed me.

It started a massive FB fight with her as we traded personal message blows, and I do regret falling into that trap. Everyone I talked to (I will keep names private to protect the innocent) pretty much had the same thing to say about her: She’s a manipulative, back-stabbing Grade A bitch-bag – and it takes a LOT for me to say that about anyone.

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The Fan’s previous management let deposed talent say goodbye on the air, and now Spittle treats one of his station’s hardest workers like a Death Row inmate just minutes after what would be her last shift.

I’ve had people poke fun at her saying she was a stupid chick who knew nothing about sports; those people didn’t know her, and I wanted to punch them in the throat when they said that.

Richie Whitt – I’ve called him an idol of mine and I mean it.

He was one of the first sportswriters I regularly read.

She deserves to get back on the air in DFW; maybe co-host a show with Emily Jones, if the chauvinist pricks in this area can handle it.

Stephanie Blumenthal – You may not know her, and consider yourself lucky if that is so.

The woman wanted to stab another woman with a nacho fork for saying “How many points do the Rangers have?

” – tell me that’s a woman who doesn’t love her sports!

He is the guy I wish I could have become: Successful career writing in his hometown market, beautiful girl beside him.

He was the first big reason I became a Fan fan, and the fact that he always has both kind and honest words for me mean a lot, even when we don’t agree. They say he’s too cranky and talks down to people; how is that different from 75 percent of the people on the air?

If there’s one thing that I believe has caused me to be so intrigued and engrossed about this huge flip-flop at 105.3 The Fan, it would be the people I met as my time as a Fan fan.


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