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This is great functionality for newer users, or if you have a very simple data model.

However, if you typically utilize a standard Date table for the analytical dates, then you may want to disable the hidden date tables to reduce the file size – particularly if you have some dates which are just attributes (most dates can be analytical wherein you do analysis like Yo Y, though some dates can just be simple attributes which don't need to be connected to a Date dimension).

If new reports are the goal, yet the data already exists, a “hub and spoke” approach may work in which an existing published data model is reused.

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Using the built-in functionality along with a user-generated Date table can work as well.

(Tip: You can view the hidden date tables if you connect to the PBIX via DAX Studio.)Once the data model and relationships are complete, you may wish to ensure the relationships do not change without your knowledge.

For data source connections, by default the connection is stored in the first step of every query.

For dev When importing data from various types of sources, the types of optimizations available vary per data source (such as query folding which passes filters down to an underlying data source).

(Note this is different from solution templates available on App Source.) Templates can contain common queries and data tables (such as a Date table in every model).

The original template file should reside in the same original location with version history.the columns that are needed simplifies the model and reduces the size.Model size is very important since the Power BI model resides in-memory (when in import mode).The original JSON file should reside in the same original location with version created in the model to support time-oriented DAX calculations.allows for a consistent use of a color palette in a report.


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