Transferability and updating of disaggregate travel demand models

Bowman conducts development projects to implement activity-based models on the Day Sim software platform for the client's geographical region.

This paper examines the temporal transferability of the zonal accident prediction models by using appropriate evaluation measures of predictive performance to assess whether the relationship between the dependent and independent variables holds reasonably well across time.

The two temporal contexts are the years 19, with updated 1996 models being used to predict 2001 accidents in each traffic zone of the City of Toronto.

This paper presents an empirical assessment of the spatial transferability of tour-based time-of-day choice models across different counties in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Model transferability was assessed using two different approaches: (1) estimation-based approach, and (2) application-based approach.

In some cases he also manages the project, processes the input data for model development, and technically guides the other aspects of the project.

In all cases, he coordinates the Day Sim software implementation with RSG, Inc, which shares copyright of the Day Sim software with him and houses the Day Sim code repository encompassing all Day Sim implementations.

Bowman serves as a prime or subcontractor on sponsored research projects related to activity-based models and/or non-motorized transportation.

As a subcontractor he can take a major role, or he can bring his technical expertise to bear in an advisory capacity. (1998) The day activity schedule approach to travel demand analysis, Ph. Dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Further develops the activity schedule model (see 1995 Thesis), emphasizing (a) the influence of activity accessibility on activity participation, at-home vs on-tour decisions, trip chaining and inter-tour trade-offs, and (b) the influence of lifestyle on activity and activity pattern utility. (1995) Activity based travel demand model system with daily activity schedules, Master of Science Thesis in Transportation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 92 pages.

Such a study can help you clarify your requirements, identify good ways of satisfying them, and understand what it will take to do so.

Bowman has conducted studies for the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the Tampa Bay region of Florida, and the Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet).

The paper examines alternative updating methods for temporal transfer by imagining that only a sample of 2001 data is available.


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