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Figure 2 - Disabling Formula Replication in Excel Tables For most users, formula replication in tables is a welcome feature.

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This is fine when you are the one creating the spreadsheet, and know that you will need to manually calculate your formulas when you are done making changes to your data.

But spreadsheets get shared with others, who might not be aware that those spreadsheets need a little more interaction.

If you want to disable formula replication altogether, you can do that by changing one of Excel’s Options.

In the Excel Options window, choose Proofing and then click the Auto Correct Options button to open the Auto Correct dialog box.

Upon doing so, Excel changes all of the formulas in the column.

Immediately click the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar or use the CTRL Z keyboard shortcut and you will notice that all of the other formulas return to their original state and that the formula in the cell of interest is now different from all of the other formulas in that column.

You an also force your formulas to update by clicking the Calculate Now button.

If the formula that you entered into the cell never calculated, then the cell might be formatted as text.

Our guide below will show you how to get your formulas to start working by switching to automatic calculation, or by telling Excel to calculate your formulas now.

The steps in this article will assume that you have previously entered an Excel formula into a cell, but that the result of that formula is not updating as you make changes to the cells that the formula references. Step 2: Click the Formulas tab at the top of the window.

However, in some cases you may not want this feature to engage.


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